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Photo of toothpaste on Edelweiss flowers


The tiny white flower, a north star of mountaineers, reduces environmental stress.


No other plant is as emblematic of the Swiss Alps as Edelweiss. The rare, velvety white flower’s delicate look belies an incredible heartiness—a trait often found among plants that overcome challenging natural conditions to thrive. Edelweiss contains a natural compound called leontopodic acid, which is prized for its balancing and antioxidant qualities, including its ability to reduce, on the genetic level, stress markers from ultraviolet radiation and other environmental influences.

Photograph of Edelweiss toothpaste with its box

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The Edelweiss extract used by vVARDIS contains high levels of leontopodic acid, processed from flowers cultivated sustainably at an altitude of 3,000 meters. It is certified organic by COSMOS and NATURE, and Fair Trade according to the Fair for Life standard.

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