A Revolution in Whitening
WX Formula is a ground-breaking, versatile formula globally patented by the Abivardi sisters. Present in most of vVARDIS products, WX Formula represents a radically new solution to both whitening and helping to protect the teeth. It is the first tooth whitener that is even good for your teeth, and the only one of its kind with such effectiveness and combination of benefits. It represents the biggest step forward in dentistry since the discovery of fluoride. There is no other product like it on the market.
Helps Protect the Teeth

In combination with fluoride, WX Formula mimics the enamel’s natural remineralization process, helping to strengthen it, and protect it from acid erosion, and against cavities.

From the first use, vVARDIS products with WX Formula give the feeling of a professional tooth cleaning. As it helps to smooth the enamel, a dose of microscopic crystals in WX Formula captures and reflects ambient light. vVARDIS products containing WX Formula can be used daily, even on sensitive teeth, ceramic crowns and composite fillings for an even, brilliant white smile without imperfections.