Where Science Meets Wellness

When it comes to oral health, traditional allopathic medicine sees our mouths and teeth as problems to be solved rather than extensions of ourselves. But with the rise of practices like mindfulness, we arrive at a powerful moment of synthesis. For Oral Care to reach its highest potential, it must bring the cutting edge of science into conversation with holistic knowledge, and push them both forward.

This is where vVardis comes into being.

“The Swiss Alps are the birthplace of vVardis, its inspiration and the source of many of its ingredients”

The Abivardi Sisters:

Visionary Dentists

The entire suite of vVardis products, the vVardis ritual, and the globally patented ingredient WX Formula, are the result of a combined 30 years of dental and entrepreneurial experience, clinical research, and creative vision of the internationally renowned Swiss dentists Golnar and Haleh Abivardi, two sisters who, together, have closed the gap between holistic and conventional oral medical traditions, revolutionizing their field more than once. With their high end dental clinics Swiss Smile, the Abivardis combined cutting edge technology and technique with a new emphasis on wellness and patient experience. They used the same principles in their own hygienist school and dental academy, to help the whole field evolve.


Swiss Alps-Inspired

The Swiss Alps are the birthplace of vVardis, its inspiration and the source of many of its ingredients. The Alps represent our obligation to leave our field and our planet better, cleaner and healthier than we found it. vVardis is uncompromising in our choice of materials, rejecting plastics and using recyclable choices whenever possible. vVardis products are clean and vegan, and contain no SLS, parabens or hydrogen peroxide.