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“These Sisters Just Launched The Biggest Step Forward In Teeth Whitening.”
... incredible results from a [...] compound that managed to whiten and protect teeth.
"This Brand Launches a Teeth Whitener They Vow Is Actually Good for You"

... the dental industry has largely failed to provide consumers with products that combined natural medicine with science, innovation with comfort, and premium quality with sustainability. vVARDIS is set to reimagine the world of oral care by doing those three things.

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“Introducing vVARDIS! A tooth whitener good for your teeth”

The products use the Abivardi sisters’ globally patented WX Formula, an FDA-approved, polyvalent biomimicking hydrogel that whitens safely and helps protect the teeth. In combination with fluoride, WX Formula takes care of enamel naturally, boosting fluoride’s power. WX’s whitening action is peroxide-free, coming from hydroxyapatite (HA) crystals that scatter and reflect light.

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“vVARDIS' Products Safely Whiten and Protect Teeth At Home”

vVARDIS is a premium oral care brand that relies on its patented WX Formula to efficiently whiten teeth while protecting them from damage in the process. Dubbed the first whitening product that's good for teeth, [...]


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“Why Good Oral Care Is Good Self-Care”

... the natural, non-stripping tooth whitening gel from Swiss brand vVARDIS is on its way to becoming a cult classic.

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“The Best Beauty Gifts for the 2020 Holidays”

... vVARDIS products tout the biggest dentistry innovation since the discovery of Fluoride called WX Formula.


“Bright ideas: sink your teeth into these dental care delights”

Its patented formula, which is sustainably produced in Switzerland, mimics enamel’s natural remineralization process. Added fluoride helps to fight cavities, prevent acid erosion, and also whiten teeth, without any peroxide.

Who What Wear “The Best New Beauty Products We Tried This Month (That Also Make Amazing Gifts)”

I've tried my share of whitening toothpaste and strips over the years, but none have been as gentle and effective as vVARDIS's minty assortment.

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“vVARDIS Premium Oral Care from Swiss Smile Founders”

vVARDIS features WX Formula, [...] that whitens safely and protects the teeth. In combination with fluoride, WX Formula takes care of enamel naturally, boosting fluoride's power. WX also protects teeth against stains, and tones and freshens the oral ecosystem.

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“37 Best Gifts For Stress Relief When You Need A Reminder That Everything Is Temporary”

Do not stress about getting to the dentist— you can take care of daily oral care and teeth whitening at home.

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“The Weekly Covet: April Long's October 2020 Beauty Picks”

Best results will be seen over time, but the brightening effect is instant, thanks to light-scattering crystals that make teeth gleam.


“With $55 toothpaste, indie oral care is going even more upscale”

.... founded the oral brand after seeing patients complain of harsh whitening treatments causing stained teeth, hypersensitivity, gum blistering and damage to enamel.

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“Introducing vVARDIS! A Tooth Whitener Good For Your Teeth”

vVARDIS launches [...] four products combining natural medicine with science, innovation with comfort, and premium quality with sustainability.

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“vVARDIS Is Our New Secret Weapon To A Brighter Smile”

vVARDIS was the result of years of research to combine ingredients that not only brighten and clean teeth but strengthen them

too using ingredients that boost the power of fluoride—all while remaining sustainable.

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“Smile, You’re on Camera: Grinning Through Quarantine with vVARDIS”

vVARDIS’s range of icy chic products, from the minty fresh mouthwash to the wooden artisanal toothbrush, have transformed my teeth-brushing experience into a luxurious oral meditation.


“The New Era Of Luxury Oral Care”

... vVARDIS makes the chic whitening product that has beauty editors buzzing. [...] vVARDIS is a heavily anticipated luxury player in the oral care game.

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”Die Abivardi-Schwestern wollen es nochmals wissen”

... das Patent für Curolox, das den Zahnschmelz aufbaut und den willkommenen Nebeneffekt hat, dass die Zähne aufgehellt



"Ein Edelweiss für Amerika“

vVARDIS will ganzheitliche Dentalpflege bieten, in den Produkten sind auch Pflanzen enthalten: Edelweiss wirke antibakteriell,

Alpenrose antiviral.

Finanz und Wirtschaft «Geschwister Abivardi: Zurücklehnen liegt ihnen nicht»

Abivardis were looking for a technology that can heal cavities within only 1 month of non-invasive procedure while at the same time building up enamel.

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Dieses Produkt soll die Zähne über Nacht weisser und stärker machen – kann das gut gehen?